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   Annual Registration $25


  • 2-3 yrs old $40/monthone class wk           30 min ballet/tap


  • 3-4 yrs old $65/month, one class a wk       45 min ballet/tap


  • 4-5 yrs old $85/month, one class a wk     1hr ballet/tap


  • 5-9 yrs old $85/month,  one class a wk         1 hr ballet,tap, jazz, hip hop


  •  10 & up $85/month, one class a wk

         1hr ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop


                 Zumba $5 per class

           Adult classes  $60/month


  additional classes :    2hrs a week $135

                                          3 hrs a week $180

                                          4 hrs a week $ 225

                                          5 hrs a week $ 275

                                          Unlimited $350


                    FIRST CLASS  FREE



For more info & to Register 
Dance Attire
Can be purchased through the app and picked up at Studio.


5:30pm Ballet I  

6:30pm Tap I 

7:30pm Adult Hip hop


5:30pm Ballet I  6-9yrs 

              Acro I 5-9yrs 

6:30pm Ballet I 10 & up 

               Acro II 5-9yrs 

7:30pm Tap I.5



 5:45pm Ballet/Tap 3-4 yrs 

6:30pm Ballet /Tap 4-5yrs 


12:15pm Ballet I 6-9yrs 

                 Acro I 5-9yrs

1:15pm Ballet I 10 & up

               Hip Hop 5-9yrs

               African 9 & up 

2:15pm Acro 



5:45pm Ballet/Tap 3-4yrs(45mins)

6pm Technique II

            ( Must be in a ballet Class)

7pm Jazz ll/III




5:30pm Ballet/Tap 4-5yrs

6pm Ballet II 

6:30pm Tap II 

7pm Hip hop Teen 

         Jazz 5-9yrs

 7:30pm Tap III (Invitation Only)         


10am  Zumba

            Ballet/Tap 2-3 yrs (30mins)

  10:30am Ballet/Tap 3-4yrs (45mins)

                  Ballet/Tap 2-3 yrs (30mins)

11am Jazz I 

11:15am Ballet/Tap 4-5 yrs

                  3-5 yrs Ballet/Acro 

12:15pm Technique I                                                                    ( Must be in a ballet Class)


Class Schedule 

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