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LA TOYA / Mrs L 

 Artistic Director


​LaToya Bellamy born in Norfolk VA. LaToya started dancing at the age of three at Norfolk Dance Academy; she trained in ballet, pointe and tap at the time. She then moved to Rotterdam, Netherlands at the age of 11 and started dancing hip hop. LaToya then put a hip hop group together, The International Girls. The group performed for many celebrities and competed in several hip hop competitions. In 1994  moved to the lovely Island of Oahu and continued her dancing in tap, ballet, hip-hop and jazz. She then joined several studios such as Nix Dance, Studio 808 and Hypersquad Dance Company to challenge herself with the different varieties of choreographers. Dancing with Hypersquad has given her the opportunity to perform for the Pro Bowl in 1998 and several other events throughout her years with them. LaToya also started her modeling career by being apart of several pageants, then with Vogue International in 1996 and became a VIP dancer, as a VIP dancer they would perform at pageants such as the Asian International  Now living in Los Angeles she has landed several jobs, back up dancer for several artist. Now having her own dance studio in the City of Inglewood, she continues to exceed her own expectations. 

She has always loved to share her talent with the world!!! 







Teaches: Competitive Team Choreographer, Jazz, Stretching & Toning & Zumba

A professional dancer with over 30 plus years of training and performing. Born and raised in Queens,New York she trained at Bernice Johnson Cultural Arts Academy and studied dance at the University of Northern Colorado. Kaci is also a licensed Zumba instructor and loves fitness.




Teaches: Advance Tap, Ballet/Tap Combo


Originally from Arkansas, Julie began dancing at the age of 3. She has been trained in tap, ballet, and jazz. She competed at the regional and national levels, and performed at events throughout her childhood and into college. She continued her dance training, teaching, performing , and choreography work in Shanghai, China with an international dance company. Julie was also certified to teach tap through a program directed by Chris Baker of the National Tap Ensemble.

Julie has also been teaching special education for over 20 years. Whether she is teaching in the classroom or at the dance studio, her passion in life is teaching young children. She and her daughters have been with Mrs. L since she first opened her doors, and they are so proud to be part of the D4L family.











Teaches:Acro, Ballet, Adult Jazz Funk, Pilates ,Heels,  Jazz

Born and raised in Cheboksary, Russia she began her career at the Republican School of Arts at the age of four, where she received an aesthetic education, which included such educational disciplines as fine arts, acting, choral performance, aesthetics, piano playing, musical literacy and dance art. 

After graduating with honors she joined Chaika`s competitive performing company, which worked in such dance directions as ballet, contemporary, jazz, street dance.

At the age of 16, she entered the Professional College of Culture in Russia, where she gained extensive knowledge, skills and experience of eight classes of ballet, contemporary, jazz, ballroom, folk dance, modern choreography and hip-hop.

She has a degree in leadership of a creative team, specializing in choreography.

Twice awarded the head of Cheboksary city, Russia with a scholarship for the  special creative aspirations.

After graduation, she joined a rapidly developing dance group, where she has been directly involved as a soloist, choreographer and organizer of mass performances for 13 years, and from which talented dancers and future choreographers were trained under her leadership. 

Aksinia Nefrit has a successful experience   teaching kids, teenagers and adults.

Actively takes part in international master classes, dance camps for advanced training and skills. 

Aksinia moved to Los Angeles in 2022 where she currently works as a teacher-choreographer . She is proud to continue teaching at Dancer 4 Life Dance Studio while pursuing her career and hopes to empower her students to reach their potential through the art of dance.




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